The Gardens

The gardens will be open in 2014 between May 22nd and September 30th. 15acres  based around a series of main borders which have been designed to give a continuous floral display throughout this period, supplemented by additional seasonal highlights such as the special June and September gardens.

The Double Borders.

These are over 250feet long and feature a wide selection of perennials backed by a series of flowering shrubs.

The Lawned Garden

Three individual lawns are surrounded by wide herbaceous borders, including a Moist Border which is reserved for plants requiring above average moisture -  in periods of drought they can be singled out for a little pampering without wasting water on more drought tolerant plants.

The Rock Garden is set aside for perennials growing no more than 10-12 inches high.

Rogue’s Gallery 

Planters both on the surface and buried in the ground contain the roots of invasive plants such as Persicaria.  Visitors
are asked to show understanding for these specimens which although of generally excellent character have an unfortunate reputation for molesting their neighbours!


 Cottage Garden

This is a garden without a cottage! It is however laid out in the style of a traditional cottage garden with a large assortment of plants intermingling together throughout the summer.

Raised Bed Garden

A series of raised beds with a central cedar gazebo has been built to display those plants needing good drainage. In May and June our large collections of bearded Irises and Oriental Poppies will be to  the fore, followed from mid-summer onwards with Alstroemerias and many more.


Fragrant Rose Garden

Here we feature roses selected primarily for their strong fragrance,with some 140 different varieties planted in all, surrounded by a series of later flowering shrubs which will be in flower at the same time as the roses.



Peony and Daylily Garden

This garden is based on 26 geometrically laid out beds surrounding a large weather vane set in a large lawned square of plane trees and has approx 60 different varieties of peony as the main feature in May and June, followed by a similar number of different daylily varieties in July and August amongst an underplanting of many other perennials.

Breezy Bench Garden

In spring 2012 we  replanted a large section of this area in a more naturalist way with a selection of perennials set out in the style of a perennial meadow.

Shrub Garden

A distinct area with a large variety of  shrubs, both large and small, and many of which are quite rare.


Adjacent to the shade garden, the pond has been surrounded by moisture loving plants.

Shade Garden

Adjoining the pond garden is an area of shade underneath a row of large mature oak trees, giving us the only place in the entire garden where shade loving plants such as hostas and pulmonarias will thrive.

Conifer and Grass Garden

Designed as an 'antidote' to the rest of the garden, in that there are no flowers. Instead, a variety of conifers of all sizes have been interplanted with various grasses, developing over the coming years into a section with a completely different feel to the rest of the garden.

June Garden

Unlike our other herbaceous areas which are designed to give a successional display throughout the summer, here varieties flowering in late May and June have been planted to give a shorter but more intense display.

September Garden

Similar to the June Garden, but with plants reaching a peak in late August and September.

Marigold Meadow

Part of the two and a half acre annual meadow which although originally sown with 19 different varieties of wild flowers has now become a sea of yellow corn marigold in July and August.


Our new cafe is open Thursday to Sunday plus bank holiday Mondays between May 22nd and September 30th, plus Wednesdays in July and August. Please note it is NOT open Monday and Tuesday or Wednesdays outside July and August.

We serve a range of light lunches including freshly made sandwiches, homemade quiches and soups. Freshly baked scones and a variety of cakes are available all day plus hot and cold drinks and ice creams.


Newly installed in 2013, the fountains are based on the  White Rose of Yorkshire  (what other kind of rose would do!) giving a timed sequential display.

And finally, something completely different.